Travelling tips

By train:

Every day there is a TGV direct from Brussels South to Poitiers (early in the morning) or back (late in the afternoon): you should count approximately 3h40 of travel. You can best get off the train at Futuroscope, just before Poitiers. We can come and get you, and bring you back, but it will take us about 3 hours of driving.

In order to fetch you from or bring you to the train station more easily, we prefer Chatellerault station between Tours and Poitiers (1 hour by car, there and back). The TGV from and to Brussels does not stop there. But other TGV lines, changing in Paris, will stop in Chatellerault.

For entry and retrieval by car we ask a fee.

By car:

Without a GPS:

Proposal 1:  Antwerp-Boussay or Brussels-Boussay  600 to 650 km:

Antwerp – Ghent – Kortrijk – Lille - Paris or otherwise Antwerp – Brussels – Mons – Valenciennes - Paris. Just before Paris, 2 km after the airport Charles de Gaulle (you have to pass underneath the aircraft runways) you take the exit Bordeaux-Nantes. Keep following Bordeaux-Nantes.

By night:

Keep driving to Bordeaux, Orleans, Tours, in the direction of Poitiers. Leave the motorway at St Maure de Touraine in the direction of Descartes, then follow the direction of La Roche Posay. At La Roche Posay, continue towards Preuilly-sur-Claise. Eight 8 km further, turn left towards Boussay (at 1 km).

By day:

Follow the indications to Bordeaux until after Orleans. Leave the motorway at exit 17 “Blois”. From here on you have another 110 km to drive (40 km less than on the motorway ) to Boussay. You will be driving on pleasant secondary roads for about 1h30 before reaching Boussay, without paying a toll. Enjoy the beauty of the landscape as you pass some places of interest: the Verneuil and Montpoupon castles can be seen from the car, Montpoupon is also open to visitors.

After the Blois motorway exit, at the roundabouts go towards Blois-Sud. There, cross the Loire Bridge, then turn immediately right to follow the banks of the river Loire. A few miles down the road, turn off to Montrichard. There, follow Loches. At the Loches roundabouts  follow Chatellerault via Preuilly-sur- Claise and La Roche Posay. When leaving Preuilly-sur-Claise you see a signpost for Boussay, pointing to the right ( 4 km). You missed it? No problem: further on in the direction of La Roche Posay, at two different places, there are right turns to Boussay again (1 km).

Proposal 2: Antwerp-Boussay + - 740 km to avoid Paris:

Take the same way to Lille. Then go Amiens- Rouen-Le Mans- Tours, direction Poitiers – the exit toward St. Maure de Touraine – Descartes - La Roche Posay - direction of Preuilly-sur-Claise and finally after 8 km take a left turn towards Boussay (1 km).

Atelier Millefeuilles is between the church and the Castle of Boussay at Rue de L 'Eglise No 1.

With GPS :

France-Boussay  - 1, Rue de l’Eglise 1, Rue de l'Eglise

Select Boussay center Indre et Loire (not Boussay Loir Atlantique)

Have a safe and pleasant trip, we’ll looking forward to welcome you!